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Elmwood Group Homes offer adults with IID (Individual Intellectual Disabilities) an active treatment routine in a home-like setting, which is an integration of health and rehabilitative services that can include support with activities of daily living such as eating, dressing and bathing. This also can include day programming, workshop, community employment and much more. Elmwood focuses on abilities rather than disabilities. A person-centered approach is used in designing an Individual Service Plan (ISP), which allows IID adults the ability to become active participants in their home, their community and in their life. Individuality is respected and freedom of choice is supported.

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Wynn Reeth


218 Academy St.
Green Springs, OH 44836

220 Academy St.
Green Springs, OH 44836



Wynn Reeth, Inc.
137 S. Broadway St.
Green Springs, OH 44836
(in association with
Elmwood Centers, Inc.)


Personalized living is available at Elmwood Group Homes furnished for security, style, and comfort. Each home is handicapped accessible allowing much room for ease of mobility and activity. In the event of an emergency, a call system is in place and easy to use for added safety. We can assist with residents who utilize wheelchairs, walkers and other ambulatory devices. Both small and large wheelchair accessible bathrooms are also available and equipped with emergency call systems. Balanced nutritional meal plans are prepared in home-like kitchens and served family style in large dining rooms. Specialized diets are also accommodated and supervised by a registered dietician. Elmwood Group Homes are spacious with large windows that provide much natural light creating a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Elmwood’s skilled nursing facility is able to provide services to meet the physical, occupational and speech therapy needs of residents. Social interaction, positive surroundings, personal support and caring staff members assist with residents’ well being.


Elmwood Group Homes are Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF’s) for Individual Intellectual Adults. These residential settings offer support with activities of daily living as well as personal and health care services such as medication administration, medical monitoring, and nursing support. Social and recreational programming, fine dining, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and maintenance services are also part of Elmwood Group Homes care and services.




Innovative Habilitation program that helps IID adults learn a variety of day skills while enhancing each individual’s abilities in a fun and positive way.


  • Adult Daily Living Skills Development
  • Health Maintenance & Medication Administration
  • Specialized Diets
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Adult Day Programming
  • Behavioral Support
  • Transportation
  • Community and Social Integration
  • Advocacy


MRDD WheelchairHome and Community Based Services(HCBS) is a program for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities that provides individualized services and supports to promote health and welfare of an individual, which enables an individual to remain in their family home, live in their own home or live in other residential settings. These services can include homemaker/personal care, transportation, social work, nutritional counseling and specialized diets, health care, interpreter services, adaptive and assistive equipment and supported employment.

Wynn-Reeth has been a provider of HCBS for over a decade and is located in Green Springs, Ohio providing services across a variety of counties. Wynn-Reeth, Inc. is associated with Elmwood Centers, Inc.


Elmwood Group Homes for IID Adults
Elmwood Centers, Inc.
Green Springs, OH 44836
Leslie Frasure – Executive Director
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218 Academy St
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Leslie Frasure – Executive Director
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Home & Community-Based Services for IID Adults
Wynn-Reeth, Inc. (In association with Elmwood Centers, Inc.)
137 N. Broadway St.
Green Springs, OH 44836
Jarrod J. Hunt, CEO Wynn-Reeth, Inc.
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